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Frequently asked questions
What is AURA?

Aura is a decentralized professional network powered by Ethereum blockchain, targeting worldwide recruitment market of $400B with 13% a yearly growth. Grounded on blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, Aura brings efficiency, transparency, validity and opportunity to the global online hiring by building unique profession profiles and p2p reputation protocol stored on a blockchain as well as smart contracts to ensure completion of works and release of payment.

How does it work?

For candidates, Aura is a decentralized global network of new age professionals who are ready to receive payments in cryptocurrency. The AI analyzes a candidate's existing CV, Linkedin, GitHub, voice and WoW profile to build a crystal of current skill-set and interests.


For recruiters, the Aura AI analyzes a manager’s audio which describes who and what are they looking for.

Aura then builds a corresponding mission to show to potential candidates, thus helping to facilitate a successful match between the two parties.

What is our mission?
  • To help recruiters to find the best matching candidates for the employers
  • To increase employees’ happiness and engagement at the workplace
  • To reduce burnout costs and to improve productivity
Where are your candidates from?

Worldwide. Most candidates are from the developing countries like Nigeria, India, Russia and Ukraine. Where the adoption of cryptocurrency will happen the fastest due to the lack of trust to the government. People are smart, and hungry for knowledge

Do you hire technical people only or not?

No. We can assess technical and non-technical people.

How do you assess them?

We’ve build AVA.AI which scans hard skills of candidates from public social profiles and them through video interview build soft skills necessary to quickly jump into blockchain. Also we encourage high level professional to teach and mentor juniors.

How can I add my open positions?

It will require short up to ten minutes interview to build your open position and company profile. Then AVA.ai will take care of matching you with candidate.

Why do you need blockchain?

To add transparency into hiring and reputation of remote worker. When all your reviews and professional profile are public and trusted it’s so much easier to make a decision to work. Also we are encouraging professional to deliver only the best quality work.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum’s mission of making blockchain more than a calculator has allowed them to invent the concept of smart contracts. You can think of smart contracts as a set of rules governing something, which cannot be modified ever in the future. They allow a developer to write anything in the form of a smart contract that gets executed by the network.

How do smart contracts work?

Here’s a simple example. If A and B place a bet about the next day’s weather, the bet can be carried out in a trustless manner using a smart contract. Both of them can submit their betting amounts to the smart contract. At a predefined time on the next day, the contract will make an API call to the Open Weather API to see if the weather is sunny or rainy. Depending on the weather, the total amount will be sent to either of the two.